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I want to influence others with my passion to box and share my vast experience gained over years.

Hubert Migaczew is both the owner and the trainer in FENIX FIGHT CLUB. He is the former trainer of a National Boxing Team, trainer of the International Boxing Team Hussars Poland. A boxer in WKS Gwardia Warsaw over 7 years.

He won sports contest prizes plenty of times. Additionally, he passed a camp counsellor course and graduated in rehabilitation of criminals.


- Trainer of a National Boxing Team

- Trainer of a professional WSB TEam Hussars Poland.

Completed courses:

- 3-star AIBA coach certification course

- after school sports activities coach conducted by a National Agency of an Alcohol Addiction in Warsaw.

FENIX Fight Club is something like a personal thing for everyone. Meaning a thing not only for an individual but also for the whole Club's community. Together we create our place here in FENIX, that pays us back every day with self-satisfaction and pride.
  The main focus goes to a common goal of all FENIX clubbers - overcoming personal weaknesses and then building up your power. The key values of our Club are respect, rivalry, discipline, friendship and play.