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Grzegorz "Gusiek" Białas has been training martial arts since he was 6 years old. He started with martial arts of East, then from 2005 switched to mixed martial arts. Then starting from 2009 he has started to work as a trainer. He is a licensed sport  instructor and a personal trainer.


- 2006 - 3rd prize in a grappling tournament PROSTO in Nastula Club
- 2007 - vice-championship in an international tournament in free style wrestling, junior category.  
- 2007 - 3rd prize in a ZBYSZKO Cup tournament in Warsaw
- 2008 - start in an European championship in Submission Fighting
- 2009 - 3rd prize in Masovian championship in Submission Fighting ADCC
- 2011 - 1st prize in a MMA tournamet "In the Cage"
- 2011 - a champion of Poland in Grappling
- 2012 - fighting in a S.W.A.T 26 show in Kaunas, Lithuania - military tournament
- 2012 - vice-champion of Poland in hand-to-hand struggle nd grappling and a vice-champion of Masovia in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, senior colored belts category
- 2013 - championship of Polish Airforce in Judo
- record in a professional MMA fights: 7-7
- record in an amateur MMA fights: 10-5