Self-defense for women
This goes without saying that women are weaker - this is a proverb in a physical dimension of course. This comes down to a worse endurance and performing not so efficient in strength activities as men do. However, a mother nature equipped women with such assets that are even more powerful than physical strength. It turns out that even a fragile and non-athletic woman can easily hold off a man. It is all about a few grips that woman can master with an ease.  
Just remember that!
Fear can trigger both positive and negative effects. First ones reflect in a power towards action and second ones comes down to being passive with no idea how to react. Unfortunately when it happens - the real threat, women feel a negative fear the most frequently. The result is a total-body paralysis that kills all chances to defense yourself. 
A woman is successful in self-defense as long as she believes in herself. The box training with us will let you gain this belief!