FENIX FIGHT CLUB is an ideal place for active people. Our credo is to propagate sports and a healthy lifestyle. Majority of us spent a great fraction of their life working.
We can either be a blue collar or a white collar workers, however every one of us is equally exposed to stress, fear, depression or any other factors that influence the effectiveness of our work. 
 For sure, everyone wants to be healthy, happy, self-confident, easy going and relaxed. We wish to win in our personal life that with no doubt reflects the way we cope with our business. So the conclusion is pretty obvious - an individual success of an employee results in a company's success. To achieve this, one has to classify their stress as a temporary one, so being solvable or the one that motivates to changes. 
FENIX FIGHT CLUB offers trainings that allow You to maintain a physical and mental balance. We are fully confident that people with a healthy and active lifestyle are more engaged at work and therefore more efficient. Our offer is crafted in a way that supports relax and self-regeneration both mental and physical. Need to be mentioned that resistance to stress is as well boosted. Last but not least, improvement in your body capability is noticed that enhance your frame of mind.