Our Club means more than You can imagine...
This is our pleasure to have you here on FENIX FIGHT CLUB website
This is our highest priority to maintain a high level of service along with contented Customers. This is why we focus on a proper selection of both trainers and staff. Our highly qualified trainers offer You not only a professional training but also secure Your comfort and security.
This is due to our vast experience gained over years that we can offer an individual approach to each and every Client. We understand real needs, problems, habits and last but not least time availability and preferences. We rely on a modern approach, however sharing stable, down to earth values at the same time. We are true professionals with a passion to sport and a healthy lifestyle.
One may think they will not manage, will not keep the pace of the others or will be left far behind... Nothing could be further from the truth! This is truly everyone that shall give it a try! This is both a delicate woman, a shy youth or a gym freak.
Just come over and check it out.
At first, everyone train to their limits and in their individual pace. However later on, you gain power, muscles and practice under our trainers' supervision. You become more courageous as you increase your strength and self confidence. 
Our Club means more than You can imagine... This is because of our common goal, common effort and great team building events. Our team are true friends. Come and become one, we welcome everyone with open arms. Just come over and check it out!
We have been operating since 2005. Our cooperation with Praga Północ District and City Hall Sport Office of Warsaw gives the chance to our youth to participate in sports events both in the country and abroad. Keeping the relations and experience sharing with both domestic and foreign clubs.
Hubert Migaczew and his mentees in Dzień Dobry TVN.